Early Detection Calculator


Early Detection Savings Calculator

Enter your information below to determine how much of each of the following resources you can save using plant DNA testing compared to identifying by visual inspection.

​This calculator is primarily designed for Plant DNA Sex/Gender Testing with cannabis or hemp, but can work for any species where you can control the onset of flowering and have a known duration of vegetative stage.

You can also use this to determine your savings with other types of DNA testing. Simply use the length of time you normally would have to grow your plants before observing your phenotype of interest. However, the square footage estimates will be extremely conservative because they’re calculated with the assumption that you will use DNA testing roughly two weeks after germination (and therefore it calculates for small/young plants).

Select your type of grow and enter your parameters:

US. National Average Costs for: A) Electricity = $0.12/kWH; B) Water = $0.005/gallon, C) Minimum Wage = $8.62

Numbers seem off? We based our calculations on the best data we could find, but are always looking for more real-world examples to keep our estimates up to date. Drop us a line with your costs per grow using the contact box in the lower right corner of every page.

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