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Cannabis Viruses and Viroids Panel

This test determines whether a plant sample is contaminated with RNA from any of three (3) separate pathogens. One RNA Collection Kit is included with the price of each test. Each kit collects one sample and you will need one kit for each plant that you want to test. Shipping will be calculated during checkout. All taxes are included.



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Use Cases for Virus and Viroid Screening:

Are your plants suffering from “dudding”? That’s a common disease caused by and of several infections resulting in reduced yield and quality of your grow. If your previously healthy plants have suddenly started becoming stunted in growth, then a viral or viroid infection may be the cause.

  • Screening your mother plants
  • Screen new clones before bringing them into your garden
  • Gain peace of mind knowing your prized plants are healthy. 
  • Ensure your remaining plants are healthy after dealing with an infection within your facility. 

How It Works: A single test screens for the presence of Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd), Lettuce Chlorosis Virus (LCV), and Cannabis Cryptic Virus (CCV). These are three viruses commonly found in cannabis and hemp that can impact yield. When testing cannabis we require the use of a special RNA collection kit which we provide, and is included with the cost of testing. Our kits enable you to collect viral RNA from leaves without extracting any cannabinoids; making samples legal to mail back to our lab from anywhere in the world. We validated the diagnostic assay on plants showing symptoms of HLVd infection in a fully operational licensed commercial cultivation facility. This test can specifically and sensitively distinguish HLVd, LCV and CCV from other plant pathogens, even other RNA viruses, that might be causing symptoms of stunted growth. 

We include an internal positive control in every test reaction and negative controls in every batch of tests we run. The positive control provides a known reference so that we can obtain a conclusive result for the specific presence or absence of viral/viroid RNA in a sample. A positive control ensures that negative test results don’t simply arise from poor sample quality or other factors that could prevent successful detection. Negative controls (a “blank” test that doesn’t contain sample material) ensure we don’t generate erroneous false positives due to potential contamination. This extra information is incredibly useful when screening for low levels of contamination.

Detailed instructions along with a sample collection form will be sent to you with the sample collection kits so you can properly document all necessary information. ​We track samples submitted to our lab using the sample collection form, which should contain the same contact information used when purchasing testing here on our website. Please contact us or include a note with your order if you would like results sent to a different email address than used for payment.

*Important Disclaimer = Sample collection for viruses and viroids requires using a 10% bleach solution, instead of 70% alcohol. MODIFY ALL STEPS IN THE SAMPLE COLLECTION PROTOCOL TO USE 10% BLEACH INSTEAD OF 70% ALCOHOL. This is required to destroy virus particles and prevent spreading infections between your plants. Alcohol will not destroy the virus completely – you MUST use a diluted solution of 1 part bleach to 9 parts water.

Results and Billing

We deliver results electronically within 2-5 business days after we receive your samples. Turnaround time ultimately depends on the number and quality of samples submitted. 

Cannabis Viruses and Viroids Panel


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