Total Aerobic Count (TAC)

The Total Aerobic Count Detection Assay is used to detect a wide variety of species classified as Aerobic bacteria. One Plant DNA Collection Kit is included with the price of each test. Each kit collects one sample and you will need one kit for each plant that you want to test. Shipping will be calculated during checkout. All taxes are included


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Total Aerobic Count

The results of a Total Aerobic Count (TAC) test are an indication of bacterial contamination on a cannabis sample.
In the food industry, testing labs use TAC tests to gauge a manufacturer’s sanitary quality and adherence to good manufacturing practices. However, TAC tests are unable to differentiate between pathogenic, beneficial, and benign bacteria, making them poor indicators of safety. A low TAC result does not mean a cannabis sample is free of pathogens. A high TAC result doesn’t mean a sample it is harmful to consumers. This is especially true in cannabis, which has a diverse microbiome of beneficial microbes that are not harmful to humans. For example, many organic cannabis growers use Bacillus subtilis, an aerobic bacteria, as a fungicide.

Still, many cannabis regulators require cannabis samples pass TAC testing before they can be sold in dispensaries. Many states use pass or fail criteria for microbial testing, recommending less than 100,000 CFU/g on cannabis plant material and 10,000 CFU/g on extracts. It is up to you to determine the current local regulations in your area.

Who requires TAC testing on cannabis?

*Only required for select matrices, view each page for more information

Why Use qPCR for TAC testing on Cannabis?

Peer-reviewed studies have shown that qPCR testing methods are able to more accurately detect and quantify bacteria species present on a cannabis sample than culture-based methods. The Total Aerobic Count test looks for a specific DNA sequence that exists in all aerobic bacteria. Because of this, the Total Aerobic Count test can detect all aerobic species, regardless of whether they grow in culture. Culture-based tests can only detect the species that grow in a given medium and timeframe. Conversely, qPCR can more effectively exclude off-target microbial species, such as yeasts and molds, which have been shown to grow in TAC culture medium.

We developed a simple method to collect microbial DNA samples from your plants. This enables anyone in the world to take advantage of our services because our kits produce a purified DNA sample which is 100% legal to mail. All you need are the same materials (tweezers, alcohol, etc) required for any of our other tests. If you would like to test something other than plant material please contact us before placing your order. 

All testing is offered for research purposes only and not valid for regulatory certification.

Total Aerobic Count (TAC)


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