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Strain Fingerprint for cannabis and hemp cultivar identification determines the uniqueness and relatedness to other varieties for a cannabis or hemp DNA sample. One Plant DNA Collection Kit is included with the price of each test. Each kit collects one sample, so you'll need one kit for each plant you want to test. Shipping calculated at checkout (free for orders over $200). All taxes included.


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How do you know what you have?


What is Strain Fingerprint?

A message from our CEO and Co-Founder Elijah Spina, PhD.


Strain Fingerprint for cannabis and hemp cultivar identification determines the uniqueness and relatedness to other varieties for a cannabis or hemp DNA sample. We solved the problem of cannabis genetic authentication with this innovative new method to determine whether a cultivar is genetically unique. Read below to learn more about how our service works and why this testing can be so incredibly useful.

Our test is rapid and results can be ready in a matter of days. We can achieve this because our assay is streamlined and only focused only on a pre-determined panel of discriminatory reference markers. This test does not require sequencing the DNA or determining what the underlying genetic code is. We simply look for the presence or absence of different versions of the reference markers in our panel using PCR based techniques.



Why Is It Useful?

  • Patients and consumers want additional information about product authenticity, traits & lineage.​
  • Growers want to verify genetic stock, relationships between strains, and track useful breeding information.
  • Regulators, distributors & dispensaries want to be able to verify supply chain authenticity.
  • Ownership rights backed by genetic information can be useful for intellectual property and plant patents. Naturally occurring DNA sequences cannot form the basis of a plant patent, however, they can be used to bolster claims and as evidence that a particular plant is unique (or not).
  • Authenticity for product labeling and supply chain verification. We will provide a QR code with a link to your results that you can use to label your products. Other growers can also verify the authenticity of seeds and cuttings by comparing to verified data that you provide on your website or marketing materials.
  • Confidence for breeding and trait tracking. Never wonder whether you got the real cut again. Gain insight into your plants at the seedling stage by predicting their phenotypes based on the presence or absence of specific markers in the genome.


Strain Fingerprint Comparison with Genome Sequencing



How Does It Work?

Strain Fingerprint How It Works

Technical details of Strain Fingerprint explained by Elijah Spina, PhD.


We analyze a complex set of genetic markers to determine the uniqueness of an individual plant. Each plant contains two parentally inherited copies (alleles) of each gene/marker. Therefore, all the plants coming from the same strain will generate an identical result. Plant that share a large number of alleles, but are not identical, can be considered to be closely related. On the other hand, two cultivars that share very few alleles in common would be considered very distant and likely to result in a broad range of phenotypes if bred together.

Our test provides an easy to understand, yes or no answer, that tells you whether you have what you think you have. We can then go further by looking at the different combination of alleles for each marker, thereby allowing us to perform uniqueness and relatedness calculations based on expected allele frequencies in the broader population. This information is invaluable for verifying supply chain authenticity as well as helping to focus breeding efforts and saving precious time. Finally, we’re helping growers to track information about their plants so they can correlate phenotypic traits with the genetic markers in the cultivars they analyze. This will open a new avenue for collaboration between growers and democratize access to cannabis genomic information.

Each sample is reduced to a single row in a spreadsheet. The data contains two columns for each marker – one for each allele. The final data is easy to perform additional population-level statistics on, unlike whole genome sequencing datasets. You’ll receive your results with a QR code that you can use to label and track your products in only a matter of days after submitting your samples. Data and reports can be accessed through our app.

Your samples and your data are 100% yours. We only act as consultants providing a service and will never perform any testing or analysis that you do not explicitly request, as described in our standard terms and conditions. We take confidentiality seriously and do not disclose the names of clients or samples. However, we will make access to a publicly available database free of charge for customers to submit and share data if they choose. Selected pre-order customers will be asked to participate in the public database before launch to ensure this becomes an indispensable resource for cultivators around the world.


Traits Associated with Known Genetic Markers:

  • Total Cannabinoid Content (Aromatic prenyltransferase)
  • Dominant Cannabinoids (THC & CBD)
  • More to be discovered soon!


Traits We’re Working To Associate with Known Genetic Markers:

  • Plant growth traits
  • Minor cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids
  • Plant pathogen and mold resistance
  • Flowering time
  • Fertility and virility
  • Purple flower color (anthocyanin production)
  • More to be discovered soon!
Strain Fingerprint Timeline

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Cannabis Genetic Authentication | Strain Fingerprint


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