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*NEW* Russet Mites

Kits Ship 11/1/2021

The Russet Mites Detection Assay is used to detect the presence of russet mites found on cannabis plants. One Plant DNA Collection Kit is included with the price of each test. Each kit collects one sample and you will need one kit for each plant that you want to test. Shipping will be calculated during checkout. All taxes are included.


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Kits ship no later than Nov 1, 2021 Offer valid while supplies last.

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Russet Mites

The microscopic Hemp Russet mite infects cannabis and can result in significant crop loss and chronic infestations. Russet mites are 200um x 45um and are thus invisible to the eye until late infection when their numbers begin to discolor the plant.
Russet mites are resistant to most pest treatments and thus care must be taken to screen incoming material to a grow. Visual detection of mature mites is possible with 14X objective loupe but eggs and nymphs likely escape convenient optical detection. They are believed to be hosts for other plant viruses.

*NEW* Russet Mites


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