Major Cannabinoid ID

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Major Cannabinoid Genotyping

A Revolution In Hemp Genetics

Want to know which of the primary cannabinoids will be the dominant one produced in your plants? Well, now you can. Major Cannabinoid Typing enables you to identify whether a plant contains the genes required to produce CBD, THC and even CBG months before you’d be able to determine the phenotype using potency testing. Yes. You no longer need to wait months to determine the dominant cannabinoid in your plants. Major Cannabinoid Genotyping is an essential time saving tool during early stages of plant growth. It increases the cost-efficiency of growing from seed and helps you more effectively manage your crop space. Cut to the chase and determine the phenotype of your plants long before they’re detectable by eye.


Purpose and Use Cases:

  • Breeding projects for high CBD varieties (parent and F2 identification)
  • Breeding projects for high CBG varieties (parent and F2 identification)
  • Pheno-hunts using seeds with unknown cannabinoid dominance\
  • Validation of seed and/or clone lots from a new supplier

Major Cannabinoid Genotype Testing can identify the following types of hemp and cannabis plants (see graph below):

  • Type I (Bt/Bt) – Predominantly THC expressing
  • Type II (Bt/Bd) – Mixed THC/CBD co-expressing
  • Type III (Bd/Bd) – Predominantly CBD expressing
  • CBG Dominant Plants (B0/B0) – Predominantly CBG expressing, with minor potential for CBD


Results and Billing

Our lab will send results via PDF within 2-5 business days after we receive your samples. Turnaround time depends on the number of samples submitted. Charges will appear on your statement as Delta Consulting. Please contact us or include a note with your order if you would like results sent to a different email address than used for payment. Bulk pricing available for orders over 1000 tests.

Primary Cannabinoid Biosynthesis

THCAS and CBDAS are closely related enzymes. So close, in fact, that they target the exact same precursor molecule, CBG.
However, using a simple genetic marker test we can identify which of these enzymes is present in each of your plants. Additionally, we can also track genetic markers associated with high CBG production depending on the exact parental combinations and goals for your breeding project.
Biosynthesis of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). GOT, geranyl‐diphosphate:olivetolate geranyltransferase; GPP, geranyl pyrophosphate

Predictive Power of The B-Locus

The following graph shows a range of potency levels (THC and CBD percentages) for Type I, Type II and Type III plants. Please note that the red line indicates 0.3% THC, demonstrating that it’s still possible to generate regulated levels of THC even in Type III plants. This is due to a combination of environmental factors, as well as a range of potential genetic variants for these enzymes. Every breeding project is unique, and so are the varieties resulting from them. Please ensure your varieties are suited to your intended cultivation conditions before embarking on new variety development.
Genotype to phenotype relationships. (a) Total potential tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) concentration (% dry mass) in individual plants for which B locus genotype was also determined. The red line indicates 0.3% total potential THC (b) Δ9‐THC concentration by genotype. The red line indicates 0.3% dry weight Δ9‐THC. (c) Total potential THC concentration by genotype. The red line indicates 0.3% dry weight total potential THC. (d) Total potential CBD:THC concentration ratio. All means differ (ANOVA p < 1e‐4).

Major Cannabinoid ID

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