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The Fusarium Detection Assay is used to detect the presence of Fusarium oxysporum in the cannabis plant before it is visible to the human eye. One Plant DNA Collection Kit is included with the price of each test. Each kit collects one sample and you will need one kit for each plant that you want to test. Shipping will be calculated during checkout. All taxes are included.


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Fusarium is a large genus of filamentous fungi, part of a group often referred to as hyphomycetes, widely distributed in soil and associated with plants. Most species are harmless saprobes, and are relatively abundant members of the soil microbial community. Some species produce mycotoxins in cereal crops that can affect human and animal health if they enter the food chain. The main toxins produced by these Fusarium species are fumonisins and trichothecenes. Despite most species apparently being harmless (some existing on the skin as commensal members of the skin flora), some Fusarium species and subspecific groups are among the most important fungal pathogens of plants and animals

Learn more: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29735820/


*Fusarium | Root Rot


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