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Cannabis Genotyping

Early Phenotype Detection

Diagnostics like Plant DNA Sex/Gender Identification streamline growing from seed by quickly identifying plant gender using only a small DNA sample collected from a leaf. You can easily collect DNA samples using our kits, then simply mail them to our lab for testing. Results are delivered electronically roughly 2-5 business days after we receive your samples.

Our Plant DNA Collection Kits are designed to obtain one sample each which minimizes chance of cross-contamination during the sample collection process. We also include positive and negative controls with every batch of samples.

Plant DNA Sex/Gender and Cannabinoid Dominance Testing are essential time and cost saving tools; increasing the overall efficiency of growing from seed while helping to effectively manage your crop space. Plant DNA Sex/Gender Testing is available for additional species on special request.

Identify plant samples as either male or female via qPCR detection of the Y-chromosome.
Determine whether a plant DNA sample is contaminated with powdery mildew DNA.
Identify plant samples as either male or female via qPCR detection of the Y-chromosome.
Determine whether a plant DNA sample is contaminated with DNA from a variety of fungi & mold.

Plant Pathogen Testing

Got a dirty batch of clones and didn’t realize it until after taking them out of quarantine? Have problems with mold and mildew showing up after you move plants into flowering stages? Root rot, bud rot, or other fungal diseases? Screen your plants using our Powdery Mildew and Fungal Contaminant testing to determine which plants are infected before they start showing symptoms and get ahead of the problem.

Powdery Mildew Screening:

  • Guarantee you’ve eradicated fungal mold or mildew problem after treatment
  • Certify a batch of clones is clean before removing them from quarantine
  • Ensure your plants are free of pathogenic fungi before moving them into a sensitive stage, such as flower production

​Works on all plant species that you can collect a leaf sample from using our kits (papaya, berries, cereals as well as other fruits and vegetables). ​

You can now identify nearly plant and/or fungal species using DNA barcoding. Current state-of-the-art methods for DNA barcoding require sequencing the DNA of specific genes that are unique to each species, known as marker genes, then matching those sequences to a reference database. We can take care of all of that for you. Just follow our protocol to collect samples and send them over to our lab.

Microbial Safety Testing

We’ve developed a simple method to collect DNA for Cannabis Microbial Testing from your plants. This enables anyone in the world to take advantage of our services because our kits produce a purified DNA sample which is 100% legal to mail. All you need are the same materials (tweezers, alcohol, etc.) required for any of our other tests. All testing is offered for research purposes only and not valid for regulatory certification.

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