Plant Species Identification (DNA Barcoding)

Plant Species Identification using DNA testing determines the species of an unknown plant DNA sample. Plant DNA Collection Kits and sample collection instructions and will be shipped within two days of purchase.

Processing time is approximately 4-6 weeks after samples are received.

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Plant Species Identification (DNA Barcoding)


You can now identify an unknown plant species using DNA barcoding. Current state-of-the-art methods for DNA barcoding of plants require sequencing the DNA of specific genes that are unique to each species, known as marker genes. After we obtain the sequences for your sample(s), we match them to a reference database to determine what species your unknown plant is. Delta Leaf can take care of this entire process for you from DNA extraction to data analysis. Our easy-to-use sample collection kits make it simple for you to submit samples. Then, just sit back and wait for your results.

Important Note: This test does not identify the variety of a plant species. We will provide taxonomic information down to the genus and species level only. This test does not provide any additional information about a sample other than a phylogenetic taxonomy inference. However, we may be able to perform sequence alignments and additional analysis upon request if you would like to attempt to use barcoding data for other purposes. Please perform the necessary research to ensure you do not need to identify the variety of your plant samples.

How It Works

​One gene can often be enough to identify which species of plant a sample came from, however, the combination of two markers makes this testing even more robust. That’s why we use the two most widely-used marker genes, matK and rbcL, to confidently and accurately identify nearly any species of plant. The combination of a highly-conserved and slowly evolving gene rbcL with the more rapidly evolving and variant-rich matK provides high discriminatory power to identify plant species (CBOL, 2009).

What Do You Get?

Results include both the matK and rbcL sequences for each of your specimens. We deliver: 1) raw sequence data in the form of text files containing your sequences and 2) a report containing the list of identifications for each sample (best database matches for each gene are shown separately). The entire process typically takes between 4-6 weeks after we receive your sample.

Collecting Samples

​You can use our standard Plant DNA Collection Kits to obtain leaf samples for plant identification. Simply follow the standard leaf crush protocol then include two pieces of whole and uncrushed leaf inside the kit along with the sample card. This makes it easy to collect samples from plants such as trees, other fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs and many more. If you are unsure how to collect samples from your plants, please contact us.

Sample Collection Instructions: Species Identification

You’ll receive a printed copy of these instructions with your sample collection kits, but you can also download them here:


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