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Plant Sex/Gender Identification – Cannabis and Hemp

One Plant DNA Collection Kit is included with the price of each test. Each kit collects one sample, so you'll need one kit for each plant you want to test. Shipping calculated at checkout (free for orders over $200). All taxes included.

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Identify Male Plants Rapidly

Plant DNA Sex/Gender Identification, aka the plant gender test, is a new way to accurately identify male and female plants in a fraction of the time compared to visual sex detection. Our proprietary testing method identifies samples containing male-specific genetic markers without sequencing the underlying DNA.

Identifying sex at early stages reduces resources used on unwanted plants. To get started, simply place an order on this page. Then, obtain a DNA sample from a small piece of leaf material. Simply submit your samples to our lab and get your results in a matter of days! Plant DNA Sex/Gender Testing works with cannabis, hemp, and other species with genetically controlled sex determination (see below).

A Plant DNA Collection Kit

Benefits of Sex/Gender Testing


Increase your return on investment each harvest


Identify males in days, not months


Accelerate and streamline your pheno-hunts


Be more environmentally-friendly


Conserve as much as 6-8 weeks of time and resources, such as:





How It Works

Sex/gender testing is an essential time saving tool during early stages of plant growth. It increases the cost-efficiency of growing from seed and helps you more effectively manage crop space. Determine the phenotype of your plants long before they are detectable by eye. ‚ÄčPlant DNA Sex/Gender Testing works with the following types of plants:

  1. ‚ÄčHemp and Cannabis (Cannabis sativa L.)¬†(Mandolino et al., 1999¬†and¬†van Bakel et al., 2011)
  2. Papaya* (Carica papaya) (Deputy et al., 2002 and (Liu et al., 2004)
  3. Asparagus* (Asparagus officinalis) (Harkess et al., 2017)
  4. Nepenthes‚Äč* (carnivorous pitcher plants) (Scharman et al., 2017)

*When submitting samples for any species other than Cannabis you MUST include a piece of uncrushed whole-leaf tissue inside the collection kit.

Kits in greenhouse

Results and Billing

Our lab will send results via PDF within 2-5 business days after we receive your samples. Turnaround time depends on the number of samples submitted. Charges will appear on your statement as Delta Consulting

‚ÄčWe will track your order and deliver results to the same email address used when purchasing. Please contact us or include a note with your order if you would like results sent to a different email address than used for payment. Bulk pricing available for orders over 1000 tests.

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    I want to try this SO badly! It’s early and I JUST popped seed. I hope to try this service as soon as possible.

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