Cannabis and Hemp Plant Sex / Gender Testing

One Plant DNA Collection Kit is included with the price of each test. Each kit collects one sample, so you'll need one kit for each plant you want to test. Free shipping included on all orders >$200. All taxes included.

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Identify Male Plants Rapidly

Plant DNA Sex/Gender Identification, aka the plant gender test, is a new way to accurately identify male and female plants in a fraction of the time compared to visual sex detection. Our proprietary testing method identifies samples containing male-specific genetic markers without sequencing the underlying DNA.

Identifying sex at early stages reduces resources used on unwanted plants. To get started, simply place an order on this page. Then, obtain a DNA sample from a small piece of leaf material. Simply submit your samples to our lab and get your results in a matter of days! Plant DNA Sex/Gender Testing works with cannabis, hemp, and other species with genetically controlled sex determination (see below).

A Plant DNA Collection Kit

Benefits of Sex/Gender Testing


Increase your return on investment each harvest


Identify males in days, not months


Accelerate and streamline your pheno-hunts


Be more environmentally-friendly


Conserve as much as 6-8 weeks of time and resources, such as:





How It Works

Sex/gender testing is an essential time saving tool during early stages of plant growth. It increases the cost-efficiency of growing from seed and helps you more effectively manage crop space. Determine the phenotype of your plants long before they are detectable by eye. ​Plant DNA Sex/Gender Testing works with the following types of plants:

  1. ​Hemp and Cannabis (Cannabis sativa L.) (Mandolino et al., 1999 and van Bakel et al., 2011)
  2. Papaya* (Carica papaya(Deputy et al., 2002 and (Liu et al., 2004)
  3. Asparagus* (Asparagus officinalis(Harkess et al., 2017)
  4. Nepenthes​* (carnivorous pitcher plants) (Scharman et al., 2017)

*When submitting samples for any species other than Cannabis you MUST include a piece of uncrushed whole-leaf tissue inside the collection kit.

Kits in greenhouse

Results and Billing

Our lab will send results via PDF within 2-5 business days after we receive your samples. Turnaround time depends on the number of samples submitted. Charges will appear on your statement as Delta Consulting

​We will track your order and deliver results to the same email address used when purchasing. Please contact us or include a note with your order if you would like results sent to a different email address than used for payment. Bulk pricing available for orders over 1000 tests.

95 reviews for Cannabis and Hemp Plant Sex / Gender Testing

  1. wesley

    fast reliable service

  2. Marty (verified owner)

    Awesome company all about the customer!!

  3. Ryan Giles

    Saved me so much time and headache!

  4. William Strope (verified owner)


  5. Javier

    I want to try this SO badly! It’s early and I JUST popped seed. I hope to try this service as soon as possible.

  6. Brian A.

    If u Wana save alot of time and $ then have your newbies tested for sex. I have been here twice and am very happy. Customer service is great and fair . Thanks again. Glad I found them

  7. Bruce C.

    New Grower and I feel this product helped me save so much time and so much money. Thanks guys!!

  8. J.Good- BroHoGrow

    So, after getting my initial test results… deltaleaf found they were having a software glitch. They retested my samples and sent back the updated results… glad to see that they are dedicated to delivering accurate results. Even sent me new tests to cover and issue.

    Their correspondence during the testing was fantastic!
    I’d recommend their services. Just sent more samples in…

  9. Mark B.

    Awesome service and fast results. Very professional and good responses. I’ll definitely be back for more. Thank you Delta Leaf.

  10. corey A. (verified owner)

    All I know is delta leaf outstanding performance all around. Lab testers Felipe etc. Yall are awesome always recommending you guys to people.

  11. Brian A.

    I started with 5 tests. Out of those 5 , 2 were males. The test subjects were literally days old..saves me so much time, effort,and money to establish males ASAP. I ordered test kits they arrived n a few days and it’s very easy to take samples. I used a nug smasher (turned off) to get a good sample. Just fold up a small piece of leaf material and crush it against the paper in kit and mail back. The results took about 3 days and then I got an email with results. I since have bought 24 more kits. If your are thinking about getting some kits, my advice is do it immediately . Good luck growing.

  12. Jeremy B.

    This was my first time using Delta Leaf Labs for plant sex testing and I will definitely be a returning customer. They go the extra mile to ensure you get results for every sample sent in. I had a stubborn sample that did not return a result on the first test, DLL retested the sample after some additional prep. for no extra cost. Give them a try!

  13. Mr. Burgundy (verified owner)

    The tests were easy to administer, and I got my results very quickly. The customer support is friendly. No complaints here! Thanks for everything.

  14. Jeremy B.

    As always the experience was positive. They work hard to get the results and give continuing education on sample collection. Great communications on updates to the process. Highly recommended

  15. James T.

    Fast delivery, always 100%
    accurate! Very discreet shipping…

  16. TR N.

    I have been using this service for several years and it has been a complete game changer. There is simply no denying the plants grown from regular seeds are healthier, more desire resistant, and never hermaphrodite compared to feminized. As a hobbyist it is essential to know as soon as possible that the correct sex is identified. Delta Leaf allows me to make the right choice at the earliest time. Their customer service and communication is nothing short of phenomenal, especially considering the economical price of the tests. I would give 10 stars if it was possible.

  17. bill c.

    I like these guys for a couple reasons
    1. Fairly priced
    2. Easy navigation of website
    3. Customer service on point.
    4. I save tons of time and money

    need i say more?

  18. Bill K. (verified owner)

    Every step of the process went smooth, and the customer service was great. Both Felipe and Elijah were a pleasure to deal with and after trying out a few places, Delta Leaf is where I will keep coming back.

  19. Steve K. (verified owner)

    The only thing I wish was that I knew about this sooner. Have fun growing new phenotypes without worry of cross pollination for breeders, and without the worry of seeds for farmers.

  20. William K.

    I love these test!!! All of my test were exactly right. I flowered a plant that tested as a male, and low and behold it was. Awsome test for a awsome price!!! Thank you

  21. Gerard R.

    Excellent service! Will continue using without hesitation, thanks team Delta Leaf!

  22. steven B.

    Delta Leaf always comes correct with the test results, fast shipping and processing

  23. Kamron K.

    Great service!! Easy to use collection kit with quick lab work even during the holidays!!!!!

  24. Brandon R.

    A super fast and reliable way to determine sex. Great customer service with excellent communication.

  25. Richard D.

    This is a great deal,if you do not want to waste and effort.Knowing the sex of your plant to is a big bonus,love it!

  26. William S. (verified owner)

    Top notch laboratory testing Company,
    100% on the spot testing, I won’t test anywhere else.
    Trend setters!!!

  27. Casey P.

    True professionals second time using them and they are always right

  28. Austin R.

    Delta Leaf Labs provides a simple protocol to gather samples for testing, with all the materials required.

    Procedure for 6 plants was relatively quick – collecting, preparing, and logging the samples just takes a few minutes each.

    Shipped off and had results in 5 business days.

    One sample had a weak signal. Delta Leaf Labs is retesting with a longer protocol, at no additional charge.

    Delta Leaf is providing an essential service – which can reduce cultivar sex selection time and growers efforts.

    I am delighted to recommend Delta Leaf Labs, and will be a continuing customer.

  29. Chris S.

    Great customer service and fast turnaround even during covid. This is groundbreaking for us since we only grow regular cultivars and no fems.

  30. Landy G.


  31. adam T.

    Quick turnaround, great service, and I was able to identify the male in my tent and pull him while he was only still 6 in tall! I didn’t have to waste nutrients time effort and attention on a plant that I would be pulling anyway. For non-feminized seeds, I will be reusing this service over and over again

  32. Brian M.

    Best place anywhere. Filipe is the absolute best! I couldn’t say enough good things, pricing, understanding, rush, and most importantly, they care for their clients and making sure they are satisfied. Would give 10/5 if I could?

  33. Charlotte K.

    Brilliant company to work with, very helpful and informative will definitely use again.

  34. ROB M.

    Quick and reliable

  35. Larry S.

    Awesome experience, these test spared me time and money i would have wasted, waiting to identify sex on my own. I cant wait to use them again

  36. Frank C. (verified owner)

    Easy accurate and fast results. Competitive pricing. It’s all good.

  37. Stephen L.

    Very nice people, customer service was excellent. Saved me time and money. This service makes using regular seeds a plus. Results were prompt

  38. Daniel L.

    Quick and easy! Great time saver when you have exciting new seeds and don’t want to wait to separate the boys and girls.

  39. R Brent J.

    Other than my free shipping discount not being applied during payment, the communication, instructions for test samples, and the quickness in receiving the results were above and beyond what I was expecting. I will definitely use their services again.

  40. Paul D. (verified owner)

    3rd round and 100% accurate again.. Fast, personal and professional service. The speed of todays world with the service of yesterday’s world.. These guys rock!

  41. Jake W.

    Excellent service, with 100% accuracy. Highly recommend!

  42. Fred

    I have used their services twice now,both times was spot on.They are so helpful and quick turn around.I will definitely keep using them Thanks Delta Leaf

  43. Dave P.

    Everything has went great! Zero issues!!! 🙂

  44. Katherine G.

    helpful data1 Thank you!

  45. Fred W.

    I have used there services a couple of times now and couldn’t be happier with results.Excellent customer services,the
    accuracy is spot on.I’m glad I found them and would highly recommend them for small or large operations.

  46. S. H.

    Fast, easy and Accurate. Thx u

  47. Robert J.

    Very good service. Very professional. Two thumbs up

  48. Kimberly W.

    This was my first time using Delta Leaf. I found them online was a bit skeptical, but they are 100% legit! I am pleased with my experience and I will definitely use them again. I received my results in a timely fashion and received timely updates throughout the process.

  49. Mary O.

    Provided the information I was looking for, all in a timely manner. Mr. Felipe Infante, Co-Founder; was very personable and provided the most outstanding customer service. Thank You!

  50. Paul D. (verified owner)

    Just gotta say as my 2nd experience with delta is about 3 weeks along and looking 100% accurate again. 2 for 2… 100% accurate.. Great customer service.. And very will to answer questions.. Very easy to use tests…really nice people too…. I’ll use them again.. And again.. And again…

  51. Derrick H. (verified owner)

    Love this kind of service! I mean, how awesome is it to know if your plants are male or female weeks even months ahead of time! I sent my samples priority mail. Once received,I had my results in about 3 days via email! Definitely will be using their testing in the future.

  52. Allen J.

    Easy peasy great product great company

  53. Joseph S.

    Fast and accurate results every time.

  54. Jessica T.

    I appreciate that you are communicative. you can tell that Felipe always has a smile on! You guys are great!

  55. ramon y.

    The service I received was prompt and the information on product and procedure was easy to understand. Thanks

  56. Codey

    Excellent value and services so far

  57. Diane T.

    The kit came quickly and was very helpful with the directions. I found the pictures and explanation extremely helpful. This is my first time using a DNA kit. I sent 8 of the 10 tests. Just waiting on the results. So far, I am very pleased with the price and speed of the delivery of the kit. The testing was very simple.

  58. Bill E.

    Product arrived quickly. I received an immediate response when samples were received. Good communication throughout.

  59. Thomas H. (verified owner)

    Tests are easy to use and inexpensive.

  60. Elizabeth O.

    Delta Leaf is a great company. Their products ship quick, speedy turn around time and fast results.

    They emailed us when they receive the samples and an expected results date

    Even during a pandemic these guys are there to help get the results you need

  61. Derrick B.

    The best in the business IMO. Top notch customer service as well.

  62. Christopher G.

    Very happy. Simple process with quick results

  63. Allen J.

    Simple collection system. Communication was excellent. All in all happy and will use again

  64. JR O.

    Gotta say this was a game changer and trying to sex my plants before I get them outside which allowed me to. Also throwing out males that I don’t need to spend time or resources that I can definitely use for the future. Thanks deltaleaf, or should I say delta force, lol.

  65. Eric L.

    Great customer service and fast turnaround time, even for my small order of 4 tests. Highly recommended time and effort-saving service.

  66. Angela T.


  67. Sevanh

    Amazing company and customer service you can not beat. They go out of there way to make sure your all set. Bless up

  68. Allen J.

    Easy collection

  69. Casey P.

    Kit came in a lot faster than I was expecting eady to follow directions cant wIt to get my results

  70. Brian B.

    Fast service will use again

  71. JR O.

    When I got my kit I was extremely nervous because I’m a perfectionist and this was new territory butyou made it simple and I was able to follow the directions very easily for 8 samples and now I’ve sent them in and awaiting the results. So excited.

  72. william p.

    Hey folks these guys are here to deliver results to you…. Just want to let everyone know that they worked through the holiday to get me my results. Thanks William

  73. Bob F.

    The best for sexing plants thanks for the great work in a timely manner. This is the only place to sex all my new plants

  74. Robert B.

    Buy the 20 pack I keep wasting money on shipping.

  75. Frank C. (verified owner)

    Great customer service and pricing. I highly recommend.

  76. Paul D. (verified owner)

    Guys were great.. Fast.. Def saves a ton of money and time.. Even put the males into flower and sure enough. Totally accurate.. Will most certainly be using delta again..

  77. Robert B.

    I love all the time and money you save me

  78. David P.

    All testing has been perfect! Service has been excellent.

  79. Herb Tarlek

    Second time using Delta and it won’t be the last. Always great customer service and the best pricing. Customer for life, seriously these guys treat the customer like they are #1.

  80. Amy B./ Paul d (verified owner)

    About half way through the process… Kits came wicked fast…easy as could be to do… Got back to them speedily… And waiting on results now… Fast easy.. Helpful as can be in any questions… So far 2 thumbs way up.

  81. Jordan B.

    Simple. Easy to use. Clear directions, and made with biodegradable materials. Boom!

  82. Larry R.

    ???? ????

  83. Rod W. (verified owner)

    Great service, quick turn around.
    I will use again and would recommend.

  84. Brian C.

    Everything I ordered arrived in a timely manner.

  85. Nh guy

    This is a great product 100% accurate results
    It was quick efficient and the results were in way before the deadline also you can’t beat the price so five star for me

  86. Craig

    Testing kits shipped quickly after purchase and the collection process was simple. Received my results a few days after mailing back the sample. I would definitely use them again in the future!

  87. TANYA R.

    Super fast turn around. Excellent communication confirming receipt of tests. Easy to understand lab report. I love this service!

  88. Joe S.

    Fast and accurate results every time. I will definitely use them again.

  89. Kristopher C.

    What can you say, these guys are great. Fast results, best prices and unbelievable customer service. Customer for life over here. Oh, did I mention the fantastic customer service.

  90. SEAN M.

    This will be the 3rd time, in as many years of needing gender testing. This year I chose to go with Delta Leaf Labs. Their service cost significantly less than the competition for the EXACT same test & was SUPER fast ! From the day I placed my order till the time I received my first test results back was 5 business days, coast to coast ! Neither competitors were as fast & friendly, & there were NO annoying follow up sales efforts attempting to sell more services or request for genetic mapping. Delta Leaf Lab’s staff are very friendly, easy to deal with, not over-bearing, & all the relevant info was easily obtainable, due to their web site. At a .15 cent KWH & 70- 90 days veg. cycle, it makes sense to have my strains sexed before the third week, reducing both actual & opportunity cost. I give Delta Leaf Labs 5 out of 5 stars & recommend them highly. Happy Gardening !

  91. Nicholas B.

    Super happy with the test results I get here. I have used other companies before and I much prefer this company over others for one main reason each sample is separate and you pay as you send them in. When I went through other companies they had 4 or 5 samples to a card and you pay upfront. So say I had 6 samples that needed to be sexed I would have to pay for 8 or 10 samples and simply leave the ones I didn’t use blank costing me more money because they were prepaid. Here I can buy any number of cards I want and send them in as needed and just pay for the testing as I send them in.

  92. CHRIS H.

    5 star AAA rating from me! Test results came faster than I had anticipated. My email to customer service was answered promptly and professionally and my mistake was quickly resolved. Only gender lab I’ll use, period.

  93. Patrick K.

    I recently purchased the 10 pack offer from Delta labs I receive my DNA test kits within three days I sent them back they arrived on the Friday of the Santa Barbara show I know these guys were busy, I got my results on Monday, four out of seven females and I didn’t have to wait months, just days thank you so much you Elijah

  94. Aaron R. (verified owner)

    Awesome service will definitely use again!

  95. Jack

    Very quick results. The process is very easy. the directions are easy to follow. Overall great experience. I would do business again.

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